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January 8: A great start to the year… Abi’s 4th year BSc project is now published and online at the Journal of Immunology Research. Congrats Abi!


December 3: Congratulations to Drew Harrigan (3rd year lab volunteer!) for receiving a grant from the Arts & Science Undergraduate Research Fund for his work on dynamic weight bearing in models of CNS disease. Well done Drew!
October 25: A great day to meet with colleagues from the Centre for Neuroscience Studies @ Queen’s to discuss future plans. Great things ahead for this strong team!
October 24: Nader presented “Neuro-immune interactions and circadian rhythms in pain: two stories from bedside to bench (and hopefully, back)” for the Centre for Neuroscience Studies seminar series. Great questions from trainees about circadian effects on behaviour!
October 1: Welcome to Indraneel, the newest member of the lab!
September 22: Our annual summer/fall BBQ with the Duan Lab was a blast! See the outings section for the few pictures that were taken (thanks to Hanin!).
September 12-17-: Courtney, Julia, Abi & Jelena, and Jaqueline represented the lab at the World Congress on Pain (run by the International Association for the Study of Pain). Courtney presented her work characterizing spinal cord injury pain; Julia presented her new EAE model of multiple sclerosis to study pain; Abi & Jelena presented their work on the role of γδ T cells in inflammatory pain; and Jaqueline presented her study of the CCR4:CCL17/22 pathway in postoperative pain. Julia and Courtney received travel grants from the School of Graduate Studies at Queen’s to help them attend the meeting. Well done everyone for a successful meeting!
September 9: The Ghasemlou Lab website is officially online!

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