Lab News & Updates


May 26: The Ghasemlou Lab took part in the Kingston-Napanee MS Walk! Please consider donating to the cause at here.
May 3: Congratulations to Julia Segal (PhD candidate) for being awarded a Dr. William J. McIlroy MS Society of Canada Doctoral Studentship Award, for the top MSSC/FRQS Doctoral award this year!
May 1: Welcome to the new trainees in the Ghasemlou lab – Ana Constantin, Megan Houzer and Olivia Smith join as our new 4th year project students, and Mitra Knezic and Madeline Robinson return as graduate students.
April 12: The lab took part in the Queen’s Anesthesiology Research Day today, with 7 posters and 2 plenary oral presentations. Congrats to our very own Dr. Jaqueline Silva for winning best poster presentation!
March 27: The Ghasemlou lab hosted Dr. Yves de Koninck from Laval University for this year’s McEwen Lectureship at Queen’s. What a great talk about translational pain research!
March 4: Nader presented “Pain in multiple sclerosis and EAE” at the Canadian Pain Society’s Annual Meeting as part of the Pain in Autoimmune Disease session, alongside Drs. Bradley Kerr and Ji Zhang. We’re already looking forward to next year’s meeting…
February 21: Nader presented “The Neuroimmunology of Pain” at the University of Montreal’s Department of Pharmacology & Physiology seminar series. An inspiring day meeting with so many great students and faculty!
February 5: Nader presented the lab’s work on circadian control of pain as part of the Canadian Consensus Conference on Biomarkers for Pain Research at mcMaster University, as part of the CIHR-SPOR Chronic Pain Network.
January 8: A great start to the year… Abi’s 4th year BSc project is now published and online at the Journal of Immunology Research. Congrats Abi!


December 3: Congratulations to Drew Harrigan (3rd year lab volunteer!) for receiving a grant from the Arts & Science Undergraduate Research Fund for his work on dynamic weight bearing in models of CNS disease. Well done Drew!
October 25: A great day to meet with colleagues from the Centre for Neuroscience Studies @ Queen’s to discuss future plans. Great things ahead for this strong team!
October 24: Nader presented “Neuro-immune interactions and circadian rhythms in pain: two stories from bedside to bench (and hopefully, back)” for the Centre for Neuroscience Studies seminar series. Great questions from trainees about circadian effects on behaviour!
October 1: Welcome to Indraneel, the newest member of the lab!
September 22: Our annual summer/fall BBQ with the Duan Lab was a blast! See the outings section for the few pictures that were taken (thanks to Hanin!).
September 12-17-: Courtney, Julia, Abi & Jelena, and Jaqueline represented the lab at the World Congress on Pain (run by the International Association for the Study of Pain). Courtney presented her work characterizing spinal cord injury pain; Julia presented her new EAE model of multiple sclerosis to study pain; Abi & Jelena presented their work on the role of γδ T cells in inflammatory pain; and Jaqueline presented her study of the CCR4:CCL17/22 pathway in postoperative pain. Julia and Courtney received travel grants from the School of Graduate Studies at Queen’s to help them attend the meeting. Well done everyone for a successful meeting!
September 9: The Ghasemlou Lab website is officially online!