lab alumni

graduate students

Kaitlyn Tresidder, 2015-2017
current position: PhD student, Queen’s University
project: circadian control of nociception
awards: Canadian Pain Society Trainee Research Award

Jelena Petrovic, 2016-2018
current position: clinical trials manager, Canadian Cancer Trials Group
project: γδ T cell control of inflammatory pain

undergraduate honours thesis students


Charvi Bhatt
currently: pharmacist assistant, Toronto

Troy Chow *co-supervised by Dr L Wang
currently: MSc , University of Toronto

Rima Sanallah
currently: OD, UC Berkely


Courtney Bannerman
currently:  PhD, Ghasemlou Lab
Margot Gunning *co-supervised by Dr Q Duan
currently:  MSc, University of British Columbia

Erika Haberfellner
currently:  MD, Western University


Will Knoll *co-supervised by Dr G Klar
currently:  MD, Queen’s University

Justin Lim *co-supervised by Dr P Sheth
currently:  MD, University of Toronto

Caitlin Lundell-Creagh
currently:  MD, University of Toronto

Alex Mack *co-supervised by Dr P Sheth
currently:  PA, McMaster University

Abigail Marshall
currently: MD, McMaster University

Sarah Phillips
currently:  on break-year

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