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Backer CC, Sessenwein JL, Wood HM, Yu Y, Quentin T, Alward TA, Jimenez Sjaarda CP, Bunnett NW, Schmidt BL, Caminero A, Boev N, Bannerman C, Segal J, Halievski K, Talbot S, Silva JR, Ghasemlou N, Sheth PM, Vanner SJ, Reed DE, Lomax AE
Cellular and molecular gastroenterology and hepatology

Wilcox NC, Taheri G, Halievski K, Talbot S, Silva JR, Ghasemlou N
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology


Dent JO, Segal JP, Brécier A, Gowdy HGM, Dubois RM, Bannerman CA, Halievski K, Silva JR, Ghasemlou N
Canadian Journal of Pain

Circadian rhythms and glial cells of the central nervous system
Brécier A, Li VW, Smith CS, Halievski K, Ghasemlou N
Biological Reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical Society


Spinal cord injury in the mouse using the infinite horizon spinal cord impactor
Bannerman CA, Ghasemlou N
Methods in Molecular Biology

Skin-resident dendritic cells mediate postoperative pain via CCR4 on sensory neurons
Silva JR, Iftinca M, Fernandes Gomes FI, Segal JP, Smith OMA, Bannerman CA, Silva Mendes A, Defaye M, Robinson MEC, Gilron I, Conha TM, Altier C, Ghasemlou N



Spinal cord injury in mice impacts central and peripheral pathology in a severity-dependent manner
Bannerman CADouchant KSegal JP, Knezic MMack AE, Lundell-Creagh CSilva JRDuggan SSheth PGhasemlou N

Weight bearing as a measure of disease progression in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
Segal JPPhillips SDubois RMSilva JRHaird CMGale D, Hopman WMGallivan JGilron IGhasemlou N
Journal of Neuroimmunology

Retrospective review of time to uterotonic administration and maternal outcomes following post-partum hemorrhage
Knoll W, Phelan R, Hopman WM, Ho AMH, Cenkowski M, Mizubuti GB, Ghasemlou N*, Klar G*
Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada

Arginase-1 deficiency in neural cells does not contribute to neurodevelopment or functional outcomes after sciatic nerve injury
Richmond CR, Ballantyne L, de Guzman AE, Nieman BJ, Funk CD, Ghasemlou N
Neurochemistry International


The gut-brain axis and beyond: Microbiome control of spinal cord injury pain in humans and rodents
Bannerman CA, Douchant K, Sheth PM, Ghasemlou N
Neurobiology of Pain

Chronic mechanical hypersensitivity in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis is regulated by disease severity and neuroinflammation
Segal JP, Bannerman CA, Silva JR, Haird CM, Baharnoori M, Gilron I, Ghasemlou N
Brain Behavior & Immunity

AAPT diagnostic criteria for acute knee arthroplasty pain
Abdallah FW, Gilron I, Fillingim RB, Tighe P, Parvataneni HK, Ghasemlou N, Sawhney M, McCartney CJL
Pain Medicine  

Isolation and RNA purification of macrophages/microglia from the adult mouse spinal cord 
Tsatas O, Ghasemlou N
Journal of Immunological Methods


γδ T cells modulate myeloid cell recruitment but not pain during peripheral inflammation
Petrović JSilva JRBannerman CASegal JPMarshall ASHaird CM, Gilron I, Ghasemlou N
Frontiers in Immunology 

Skin-resident γδ T cells exhibit site-specific morphology and activation states
Marshall ASSilva JRBannerman CA, Gilron I, Ghasemlou N
Journal of Immunology Research 


Circadian control of pain and neuroinflammation
Segal JPTresidder KABhatt CGhasemlou N
Journal of Neuroscience Research 

Chronobiological regulation of psychosocial and physiological outcomes in multiple sclerosis
De Somma EJain RWPoon KWCTresidder KASegal JPGhasemlou N
Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews 

NMDA Receptor Activation Underlies the Loss of Spinal Dorsal Horn Neurons and the Transition to Persistent Pain after Peripheral Nerve Injury
Inquimbert P, Moll M, Latremoliere A, Tong CK, Whang J, Sheehan GF, Smith BM, Korb E, Athié MCP, Babaniyi O, Ghasemlou N, Yanagawa Y, Allis CD, Hof PR, Scholz J.
Cell Reports 


Pain Improvement With Novel Combination Analgesic Regimens (PAIN-CARE): Randomized Controlled Trial Protocol
Gilron I, Tu D, Holden R, Jackson AC, Ghasemlou N, Duggan S, Vandenkerkhof E, Milev R
JMIR Research Protocols 

Analgesia and mouse strain influence neuromuscular plasticity in inflamed intestine 
Blennerhassett MG, Lourenssen SR, Parlow LRG, Ghasemlou N, Winterborn AN
Neurogastroenterology & Motility 


CD11b+Ly6G- myeloid cells mediate mechanical inflammatory pain hypersensitivity
Ghasemlou N, Chiu IM, Julien JP, Woolf CJ

Silencing Nociceptor Neurons Reduces Allergic Airway Inflammation
Talbot S, Abdulnour RE, Burkett PR, Lee S, Cronin SJ, Pascal MA, Laedermann C, Foster SL, Tran JV, Lai N, Chiu IM, Ghasemlou N, DiBiase M, Roberson D, Von Hehn C, Agac B, Haworth O, Seki H, Penninger JM, Kuchroo VK, Bean BP, Levy BD, Woolf CJ

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